Join us on Zoom

We are Zooming our church service:

  • To join us on Zoom at our 11am sunday service CLICK HERE
  • To join us on Zoom at our 415pm sunday service CLICK HERE
  • If you prefer to watch the live stream on YouTube, CLICK HERE
Please note:
  • Please sign on with your first and last name instead of using a nickname.
  • You will be placed in a waiting room until the service starts.
  • The Zoom meeting is also streamed live on YouTube. If you do not wish to appear on the stream, please disable your video camera.
  • For the safety and encouragement of everyone attending, private messaging will be disabled.
  • We also welcome new friends to join us!  If you’re new with us, your video camera will be turned off for the first week.  We would love you to stay online after the stream has finished and meet a few of us from church. When we get to know you, we’ll enable your video camera for later weeks so that you can be fully part of the service!
Some helpful tips for using Zoom:
  • When clicking on the link, the option for using the App or opening the meeting in your web browser will appear. We recommend using the Zoom App because it has greater functionality / runs smoother.
  • If you have a question during Q&A please raise your virtual meeting hand by clicking on the Participants button and then clicking More > “Raise Hand”
  • You might like to find out more about using Zoom at